Monday, May 09, 2005

But Can Kitty Climb the Pole?

From the BBC comes this priceless item about the British government providing funding for a woman to take up a new occupation--pole dancing. I may be wrong, but I think we call it stripping here in the colonies. Anyway, the cost to the taxpayers was 2,100 pounds. According to the currency converter at, that amounts to $3,970.47 at today's exchange rate. It seems the lady in question had served five years of military duty and was thus eligible to be funded for the job training of her choice.

The woman is now dancing under the name Kitty. Even Kitty didn't think her request for funding would be approved, but a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense defended the expenditure by noting that the only requirement for funding is that the occupation be legal. I hope the MoD knows what it's doing. Pole dancing is an occupation that chews up and spits out dancers pretty quickly. It may not be long before Kitty is back looking for funding for another occupation. Hmm. Firemen slide down poles when the fire alarm goes off. We might just look at Kitty's current occupation as an apprenticeship for duty in the fire department.



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