Friday, May 20, 2005

QuickTake: Sex Sells? So What Else is New?

Advertising space for sale here. Posted by Hello

The pretty college student in the picture has sold advertising space on her body through an e-bay auction. The winning bid was $11,300. In economics we call this outcome first mover advantage. I predict that the next body up for auction will command far less than $11,300 and generate far less publicity. Just as in a horse race, sometimes it pays to be first!



At 8:57 PM, Blogger frances said...

Laughing Out Loud! With reference to this weeks question, "Do you think that your education has suffered because of work or other activities?" In this instance, this college girl is sacrificing no entertainment activities, enjoying herself and making a buck, and getting an education. Productive Human Capital!She has an absolute advantage, and will eventually arrive at a comparative advantage, when the newness of "body advertising" wears off! Frances


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