Saturday, May 21, 2005

An Angel Sayeth: Be Grateful for the Free Market

Who says that spiritual values can't flourish in the free market? That ultimate free market resource, the Internet, shows us otherwise. The linked web page in this post is just one of many examples of the free market at its best--providing opportunities for nonmaterialistic values to be heard above the din of soul-deadening claptrap put out by hundreds of thousands of Internet pitchmen. is devoted to . . . you guessed it, making people feel GRATEFUL. Here's what one visitor to the web site had to say: reminds us that in the use of technology, we can choose to do good, bringing people of the world closer together. I am grateful to the connection I feel to all of you, no matter where you live. — Leslie, Ohio

I found this feature on the web site, too:

Saturday, May. 21

Prosperity depends more on wanting what you have than having what you want.
Geoffrey F. Abert

There's a lot more to explore at Brother David's Gratefulness web site. Angels, animals, grief, and joy are just of few of the things you'll be gratefully thinking about long after you've left the attractively designed pages.

EconOpinion recognizes that the economy is made up of more than just demanders, suppliers, and policy wonks. It's made up of people whose needs go beyond a BMW in every garage and chicken mole in every pot. Brother David is a soldier in the army of servant-leaders who are quietly nourishing our spiritual appetites.



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