Thursday, May 05, 2005


Don Lapre's New Infomercial Posted by Hello

Infomercial king Don Lapre is back! With more outrageous claims than ever. And just when I thought I'd never see that handsome, boyish face again!

I have to admit that I watch everything the man puts on the air. "Tiny little classified ads" gonna make me a millionaire? Yeah, I'll buy that. Oh, and that Cindy Margolis looking up at Don with racoon eyes. I wish it was me she was goo-goo eyeing.

This go round Don's making life way too complicated for me, though. If I sell 20 bottles of the Greatest Vitamin in the World, I have to choose between $1,000 in cash now or $200 a month for the rest of my life. Where's my calculator? What's the present value of $200 a month for life? Darn, I'm too old to care. I wanna live it up now. Send me the thousand smackers.

How does he do it? From what I know about the brain there's a left brain and a right brain, but this guy must have two brains, or three sides to a single brain. Don's ability to bounce back from bankruptcy and the takeover of his original business is proof of something. Maybe he's part cat, with 9 lives. An old Don Lapre expires, but a new one steps forward to replace the old one. How many of those 9 lives has he used up?

Don Lapre is the most likeable pitchman I've ever seen. His enthusiasm is contagious. I wonder if any of the people who lost thousands of dollars following the plan in his old "Making Money Secrets" package have signed on this go round. If they lose as much this time, they deserve it. The funny thing is that in economics we emphasize the significance of reputation to a firm's ability to stay in business and make a buck. From what I see in Don's case, maybe economics doesn't pay enough attention to boyish charm. Or, maybe it's just another case of P.T. Barnum's famous maxim, "There's a sucker born every minute."



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