Friday, June 10, 2005

I Love GM!

2006 Chevrolet HHR Posted by Hello

There aren't many companies that would create a blog that allows readers to criticize the company and its products. And criticize they do. I've never seen any other web site where the readers slam the company. I wish more companies were as diligent in their efforts to establish an honest online relationship with their customers as is GM.

Think for a moment about how conflicted the besieged company's management must have been about setting up the GM Fastlane Blog. The easy thing to have done would have been to turn off comments and use the blog as a typical sales promotion. Yet, GM had the guts to take the bouquets with the brickbats.

GM Vice Chairman is the author of the Fastlane blog. In today's post he wrote,

There are fundamental changes taking place in our product development organization that add up to a winning formula. These changes are largely cultural, and as most of you know, cultural change often takes time. I’m sure some of you may have read Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point, in which he identifies how minor trends become blockbuster phenomena. Well, I firmly believe we have reached a tipping point in our organization.

A few years ago, planners would sift through reams of data, segment the market, analyze and deconstruct the data until they discovered a niche in which we needed a new product. Once the need for the vehicle was determined, the designers were given a formula to work with. Not a blank canvas, more like a paint-by-numbers scenario.

Today, we’re operating on a much more emotional, creative level and our designers have been empowered to express themselves. Our winning products will not be determined by careful analysis; they will captivate and enthrall through imaginative design and flawless execution.

We’ll be introducing a lot of new products that reflect another new philosophy of General Motors, which is not to introduce vehicles that are merely competitive, but to really target being the best. This has, frankly, also required some recalibration of the internal culture, especially in the United States. And it’s taken some time to lift ourselves to the best international standard in sheet metal fits.

That 2006 Chevy HHR (Heritage High Roof) in the picture says a lot about the progress GM is making in reclaiming its role as the world leader in automobile styling. There' s been a lot of negative news about GM coming out lately. Maybe I'll comment on that another time. For now, I'd rather say thanks to GM for having the vision to create a real blog and the courage to revamp its corporate culture. With folks like Bob Lutz at the top, I have a feeling that the bad news about GM is going to be just another pothole on the highway to success.



At 9:25 AM, Blogger Judy said...

Good comments regarding GM. My spouse and I were so impressed with newest sales technique--giving everyone the employee discount AND the other rebates, that we bought a 2005 Chev Silverado Crew Cab last weekend. It's a great looking and performing vehicle. We felt it was just tooooo good of a deal to pass up! Now I'll have to go onto their blog site and check out what all they have to say. Thanks.

At 11:18 AM, Blogger Susan B. said...

Dr. Aryes:
I guess that the advertisment for GM motors is working. My boyfriend just went out and bought a new Sierra edition tuck this weekend. I am a big fan of GM myself. Who could possible pass up the offer for employee discounts?

At 5:49 PM, Blogger Melissa said...

GM is doing a fantastic job marketing to the public and listening to the demands of potential customers. I just saw their new commercial about giving everyone the GM employee discount, who wouldn't run out and at least entertain the option of getting a new car.

At 8:15 PM, Blogger Joaquin A said...

working in the social service field i quickly related some of the comments in your blog to people in general. much like GM and their blog system, i find myself having great respect for those people who are open to constructive critisim; people who take others feedback and work at creating a better self. i have much respect for those who are honest about past mistakes, who share their mistakes in order to help others. whose openness about thier mistakes allows us to witness the amount of growth that individual has made and witness the potholes in their road to success.

At 8:33 AM, Blogger david burnett said...

Hey it is smart. Why not promote your business in a blog. It seems like it is a pretty fast growing product and since alot of business these days can be done online why not create a blog. If I were an entrepuneur I would create a blog promoting my product as well because it would be a good way for me as a new economist to get my product out. GM is a very smart company and one of the oldest and they are certainly up with the times. I guess the good ol days of putting your ad in the newspaper for a new car or to sell cars is going down the drain obviously.Don't worry though soon you will see Ford, Toyota, and Honda doing the same if they havent already.

David Burnett

At 8:19 AM, Blogger Amanda said...

I love GM too! I have so much respect for the company and prefer their automobiles over others. Although GM is really having it rough right now, they have continued to keep their heads up high.


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