Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I Wish I Could Understand Japanese

Japanese mystery singer Posted by Hello

Web surfing is a wonderful hobby. I get the same enjoyment out of it as I did shortwave listening as a kid. You know, sitting in the dark with the light from the tubes to keep me company, delicately turning the dial of a shortwave radio, listening for signals bouncing thousands of miles through the atmosphere to my little listening post. Then trying to deciper the language. German, Austrian, Russian? Chinese, Japanese, or something else? If I was able to figure out the source of the signal, I could look up at the big world map pinned to wall and search for Hiversum, Holland or Quito, Ecuador, or other exotic locales.

The Internet is a lot like that. I found a video of the Japanese mystery singer on an Excite web page populated with artistic strokes making up an exotic font, apparently Japanese. If you like an edgy look and style, the singer in the picture is not for you. I liked her, though. Kind of a Japanese 70s Brady girl. I wish I knew a little more about her. Is she a popular singer in Japan? Does she have her own TV show?

It's just like shortwave listening. Sometimes I never was able to figure out anything much about the station that penetrated the static in a whisper. I have a feeling the same will be true about the Japanese mystery singer.



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