Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sacramento's Needy Pets Get Meals on Wheels Too

I love this story from the Sacramento Bee. While the social safety net provides for needy humans, too often their animal companions are left out. In Sacramento, California, that's no longer the case since the launch of Meals on Wheels/Pets Eat Too.

The motivation behind this innovation is simple. Needy clients of the human Meals on Wheels program were sharing their meals with their pets. And who wouldn't share with a family member? That's the way many folks see their dogs and cats--as family members.

Now Pup and Kitty can eat their own delivered-to-their-doorstep meals. But it wouldn't surprise EconOpinion a bit if the lucky canines and felines who benefit from Pets Eat Too are still offered a little treat from their owners' plates once in a while.



At 7:28 AM, Blogger Marlo M said...

I like that. There are millions of needy eldery out there...but what about the animals. People just throw them away, especially the uneducated who just allow animals to run about without being spayed or neutered. Their ribs are sticking out and their teats(?) are hanging down to the ground.
I'm a huge animal lover and the ignorance and uncaring attitude of too many people disgusts me. If you can't afford to get your animal basic shots, get them fixed, and the biggest basic, to feed them, then you shouldn't be allowed to have them.
Bless the people who are trying to help, and their are many. The bank for instance, they send through a doggy biscuit if I go through the drive-through lane and Fido is in the backseat.
Elderly people need animal friends, especially when many of them have lost their longtime companions.

At 7:50 PM, Blogger frances said...

In reading about the program for the needs of animals, there is most certainly a dire need to help them and the people who have them. My problem is that there have been instances where a person is using the animal in order to gain symphathy. My positive and Christian side lets me see that there is a positive therapy in owning an animal. The responsibility of having one, though is what I have a problem with. It seems to me that if you own an animal, first you must make sure you are going to be able to be responsible for it and no expect the public to feed it. For sure these animals are not getting the much need medical attention and have no housing. For the mentally ill who have such animals, though, we do not know what if any Positive affect the animal has on that person.


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