Monday, May 23, 2005

QuickTake: A $20,000 Bra--What an Uplifting Story!

I can't resist blogging another story from the always informative HBS Working Knowledge e-newsletter. It seems that there's a Business Plan Contest at the Harvard B-school that offers $10,000 in cash plus another $10,000 in in-kind services to the winner. This year's winner, Karen Grajwer, reflected on her own full figure and dashed off a plan for Uplift, a venture that will cater to women who need larger-size bras and who want a bit of fashion to go with the support. Who would have guessed that the bra market is worth almost $5 billion, and that larger sizes account for nearly $800 million? Ms. Grajwer offers the following advice to other entrepreneurs: Surround yourself with a good team and know your market.



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