Saturday, May 21, 2005

This Dog is a Blogger ...

Shrek, the blogging dog Posted by Hello

... and for proof, click on the title of this post and be transported to Shrek's DogBlog.

Shrek lives in Australia, which EconOpinon thinks of as a law-abiding country. But some neer-do-well "kidnapped" the handsome German Shepherd pup when he became lost after he slipped his collar while playing in the park. Shrek's reckless romp and poor sense of direction set off the long chain of events that turned him into the world's first dog blogger.

In his own barks, er ... words, Shrek blogs about the loneliness and distress that he experienced while separated from his mum and dad. This is one dog tale (pun intended) that has a happy ending, though. Shrek is ultimately reunited with his two-legged parents, but not without the help of some nice policemen. Shrek's story isn't quite over yet since he and his mum and dad will be walking to benefit animals in Australia's million paw march. Celebrity hasn't gone to his head, but the big shepherd does promise to give each of his admirers along the march route a pawtograph if they would like one.

EconOpinion is impressed by Shrek's cleverness in using the power of blogging to make his way safely back home. Other clever canines and even clever felines might utilize the resources provided by the blogosphere to achieve that same happy ending should they become lost.

(P.S. to all novice blog readers: You read blog posts from the bottom up because the most recent posts appear at the top. Shrek's first post was on April 22, which is the one that should be read first on Shrek's DogBlog even though it starts toward the bottom of his Web page.)



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