Saturday, December 24, 2005

CD Baby, Keep the Music Coming

I've been reading a lot lately about the changing economics of the music business. While I still buy the big, black plastic, two-sided CDs sold at thrift stores, which I play on one of my vintage record players (aka, my stereo), downloads off the Internet appear to be killing off CDs, just as cassette tapes killed the mass production of vinyl records, and in turn CDs killed cassettes. I'm hopeful, for the sake of music lovers, that the outcome will be more choices for the consumer.

Which brings me to CD Baby. That's their logo above. While looking for more information on who did the vocals on the original version of All I Want for Christmas is You, one of the best Christmas songs ever, I discovered that independent recording artists have a way of getting their music out to their fans.

The artists supply the CDs, which are then marketed by CD Baby. Instead of a dollar or so a copy sold by major labels, the artist receives $5 or $6 per sale from CD Baby. Looking over the web site, I see a lot of help being offered to new artists and to older artists who are unable to get a recording contract these days. Oh, if only John Denver were alive to get on board.

With over 116,000 artists to pick from, CB Baby is capitalism at its finest--an endeavor worth supporting. Check it out. Oh, I should add that CD Baby is keeping up with the changes in the technology of music delivery. They can help get an artist on the music download sites. By the time I wear out my collection of "albums," it won't matter. There'll be another technology that'll have replaced downloads. A possible candidate? Check out Mercora.



At 2:02 PM, Blogger Katrina said...

I am not really disappointed that CDs are going to be taken over by downloading. Downloading is a lot more convient and economical. Instead of having to buy a CD to be able to listen to one song that you like, you are able to download the music that you enjoy to listen to and customize a CD from that music.


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