Saturday, December 24, 2005

Liberals Demand Santa Take the Bus!

In what has to be the most ridiculous news item this Christmas season, Mr. S. Claus of the North Pole has come under fire by the British government for the pollution caused by his annual Christmas eve deliveries.

It has been calculated that Santa's team of nine reindeer would emit methane with a global warming impact equivalent to more than 40,600 tonnes of greenhouse gases ...

A lump of coal in the Christmas stockings to all who support moving Santa out of his sleigh and into public transportation. Says Britain's Liberal Democrat transport spokesman:

... the best Christmas present for the environment would be if Santa took the bus, which would keep his total emissions output down to just 10,980 tonnes ...

Answer me this, Mr. Government Bureaucrat: Do you also want to slaughter Vixen, Blixen, Rudolph, and the rest? After all, they keep emitting that methane gas even when not pulling Santa's sleigh.

WAIT! I'm not sure I want an answer to that question. After all, you're a government bureaucrat, which means you haven't an ounce of common sense.

And a Merry Christmas to ya!



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